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Philadelphia Tow Truck is a fast, efficient and responsible towing company, providing excellent services in Philadelphia and nearby areas. We have been in this business for decades and serving to the needs of our esteemed clients. We are a team of extremely proud individuals because we have always offered top-notch services to our clients regardless of the day, time, or occasion. As soon as we receive your call, we are up for the task, let it be towing, gas service, vehicle lockout, flat tire, jumpstart or any other roadside assistance. Backed up with plenty of years of experience in the field of vehicle towing allow us to deliver exemplary service in all kinds of situations for clients.

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Our Services

At Philadelphia Tow Truck, we offer a broad range of services to our clients.

24-Hour Emergency Service

If you are stranded in Philadelphia, courtesy of your broken car, we won’t keep you that way for too long, as we provide 24-hour service in the city and nearby areas. It doesn’t matter what problem you are facing, be the dead battery, flat tire, worn-out engine, lockout or empty fuel tank, you just need to get in touch with us and we promise that we’ll reach the spot in the quickest possible time to bail you out of the situation. For the most comprehensive roadside assistance, you can count on Philadelphia Tow Truck Service.

Motorcycle And Flatbed Towing

We service a diverse set of vehicle types

Motorcycle towing may seem easy, but in reality, it is a difficult task to carry out because motorcycles can move sideways and smash into the sidewalls of the truck or any other thing. Any small contact with the motorcycle can cause scratches, chips or dents in the motorcycles, resulting in an argument with clients. We have a unique way of towing motorcycles in which we use a closed loop ratchet system on specialized trailers. This system makes motorcycle towing a breeze for us.
We are also experts in flatbed towing, so if you have your car or truck stranded on the road, which you want us to transport it to your home or you need a suspicious vehicle parked nearby your house removed, we can help you. We will use the best techniques to transport your vehicle safely to you in the quickest of times. If you need a quick flatbed towing service, call us.

Roadside Assistance

Traveling in your own vehicle may look safe and convenient, but one small glitch in your vehicle can leave you stranded on the road. Your journey can hit a roadblock due to several reasons such as flat tire, empty fuel tank, engine problem or any other problem with your car that you are unable to identify. We offer 24/7 roadside assistance for such problems so that whenever you find yourself stuck on the side of the road, you can call us to receive fast and
reliable help. We are always ready for emergencies, so we assure you that it won’t take us too long to reach you and solve your problems.

Gas Service And Jump Start

Restart Your Car Safely and Quickly

While traveling, nothing is more frustrating than seeing your vehicle run out of gas. You know it’s your mistake, but nothing can be done to fix it. Wait… But there is in fact one last thing you can do, and that is call Philadelphia Tow Truck! We provide gas service to the entire Philadelphia region, so if you are stranded on the side of the road due to an empty gas tank, then there is no need to worry; help is right around the corner. You just need to call us and we will reach the spot quickly to put you back on the road.
Similar to the problem of an empty gas tank is the problem of a dead battery. A vehicle that is running smoothly on the road can stop without any warning due to a dead battery. This problem leaves thousands of Americans stranded on the roads for hours every day, but you can prevent yourself from being a part of that list by calling Philadelphia Tow Truck service who is proficient in jump-start service. Give us a call and our team will reach the spot to rekindle your vehicle’s battery.

Vehicle Lockout And Flat Tire

We at Philadelphia Tow Truck provide vehicle lockout and flat tire support. It is so easy to forget car keys somewhere and not remember it. Or, at times, car keys are left inside the car whereas you are out of the car and finding ways to get back in. In all these situations, you can count on our fast and reliable vehicle lockout service. Similarly, we are assisting our clients when they are stuck on the side of the road due to a flat. We ask our clients to just call us at our hotline number in order to receive quick help regarding flat tire or any other problem.

What Can You Do When Your Car Is Towed?

If your car is impounded, then you need to take some crucial steps in order to get your car back. An interesting tip is to record photos of the site, especially if you understand that the vehicle was towed for no apparent reason. These photos may serve as evidence if you wish to appeal the decision.
Signs or stickers are usually placed where the vehicle was parked, containing contact information so you can get your vehicle back. If there are no such signs, contact your local police department. They will be able to provide you with more detailed information. Similarly, if the Philadelphia Parking Authority has towed your car, then you should contact them for information and procedure to get it back.

Towing Fees and Prices

When you hire a towing company to tow your vehicle, you will have to pay a certain fee of course. This can vary from company to company, and prices depend on distance of tow, type
of tow, and how quickly you need us a truck to come. Philadelphia Tow Truck has the most reasonable fee structure for our services, so you don’t have to worry that hiring us will burn a hole in your pocket.

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