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Philadelphia Tow Truck, Philadelphia’s trusted local towing service and roadside assistance company takes pride in providing the best towing and roadside assistance services in and around the Philly area.

Philadelphia- The city of brotherly love

Philadelphia is a vibrant city with charming neighbourhoods and towns. Here, each street has its own distinctive personality and story. The city offers many awesome attractions to check out and countless interesting things to do.

Historical Attractions

Independence Hall

One of our favorite places you can tour is the monumental Independence Hall. The Independence Hall is where the Founding Fathers of our country signed the Declaration of Independence. The Independence Hall is also where the United States Constitution was created. This, literally, makes Philadelphia the birthplace of America.

Liberty Bell

While you are touring the Independence Hall, you can also check out the Liberty Bell which is overlooking it. The Liberty Bell is known as an international symbol of freedom throughout the world.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

The city has many beautiful parks and other historic sites like the Philadelphia Museum of Art from the 1976 movie – Rocky. The museum was in one of the most classic scenes of the movie in which Rocky, played by actor Sylvester Stallone, is seen running and training in preparation for an upcoming boxing match. Fans from all over the world come here to have their own Rocky run and take pictures with a bronze statue of Rocky himself.

A Unique Experience in Philadelphia PA

Then there is the food – Philly is famous for its iconic cheesesteaks and must-have roast pork sandwiches. The food here is absolutely delicious, and you will find an assortment of lip- smacking delicacies in the city like the Philly hoagies, Philly soft pretzels, water ice, tastykakes, scrapples, tomato pies, red gravy pasta and even more.
All this makes Philadelphia a truly unique experience like no other. 

Philadelphia Tow Truck Has Your Back

While visiting Philly, if your car ever breaks down, you know who to call. It does not matter what the problem is – Did you get a flat tire? Did your car’s batteries just die? Or did you just run out of fuel? Philadelphia Tow Truck is there to help you whether your car broke down or
you were in an accident. We will fix your tires, recharge your car’s batteries and bring you fuel.
So, just give us a call if you need us and we will be there in no time at all, no matter where or when you are (as long as you are in the Philly area). Philadelphia Tow Truck partners with a team of professionally trained drivers with trucks equipped with the latest tools. We like to make sure that we can always fulfil. Our team has a lot of experience under their belts in dealing with vehicle-related problems, and we can guarantee you complete satisfaction of our service. Our team is fast and responsive but more importantly, we are safe and friendly. Philadelphia Tow Truck partners with fully insured tow trucks with all the proper licensing, bonding and certification.