Motorcycle And Flatbed Towing


Philadelphia Tow Truck offers motorcycle and flatbed towing and roadside assistance services. We at Philadelphia Tow Truck understand that motorcycles are different from other types of vehicles like cars and we treat them as such. Therefore, if you are a motorcyclist and your motorcycle breaks down in or around the Philly area, don’t worry – just call us and we will come right away to help you. Many motorcyclists don’t really know what to do or who to call when their motorcycle breaks down. This is because most towing and roadside assistance services are more for cars – or at least they give the impression that they are. However, we understand that your motorcycle is special to you. It is special for us, too.

Special Care for Your Motorbike

Because motorcycles are so different from other vehicles, towing motorcycles is different, as well. Towing motorcycles requires special care due to their unique design. As motorcycles are two-wheelers, therefore, our task of towing them becomes more difficult because balancing motorcycles is a lot harder than balancing four-wheeler vehicles. We take extra care while towing motorcycles in order to prevent any further damage(s) to them than they already might have, hence the use of flatbed trailers.

We Have Flatbeds

Flatbeds are essentially just flat platforms on two or more wheels. Moreover, flatbeds are not necessarily that complicated either. They are just like any other towing service. However, they are perfect for motorcycles. Flatbeds offer more room which means your motorcycle will have more than enough space to be put on. In addition, more room also means more space for things to hold your motorcycle in place – you don’t want to give your motorcycle a roller coaster ride – you want to get it towed. We use different accessories like ratchets, straps, rails, cradles, and chokes that help us lock and secure your motorcycle in place on the flatbeds. These modern accessories help us tow your motorcycle better and safer.
The last thing you want to happen to you is for your motorcycle to take even more damage while it is being improperly towed. You can rest assured that you will not have to deal with this problem with Philadelphia Tow Truck. We are a team of highly trained professionals who know how to handle our work. Therefore, when we are dealing with a motorcycle towing or roadside assistance case, we know what we are doing and we take that much better care of your vehicle. You can trust us to treat your motorcycle as if it is our own.

Other Uses for Flatbed Tow Trucks

And, flatbeds can also be used to tow any other cargo that you might have with you. Maybe you have many bags with you and you obviously need to bring them with you – flatbeds have space for those, too. Here, we are not talking about just motorcycles. It could be anything. Our flatbeds have all the accessories that you might need to hold all kinds of different cargo
in place – making sure all your towing and roadside assistance needs are met at one place – Philadelphia Tow Truck.