What Happens When Your Car Is Towed In Philadelphia? (Towing Laws,

Steps To Take)


Car towing in Philadelphia

Getting your car towed is awful. You left your car, you went somewhere and you are back now but your car is not there. This is not good. Nobody likes it. And, you start thinking that maybe your car was stolen. It a natural response. You start getting more and more worried until your anxiety turns into panic.
Your car is important to you. It is an integral part of your life. You probably go to work in your car. And, you come back home from work in your car. You use your car to go to parties and holidays. You pretty much use your car to get around places all the time. Getting your car towed can disrupt your entire routine with commuting or traveling. However, you should take care not to worry yourself too much. It is important to understand that towing is a part of the traffic regulation system – a system that we very much needed if we want to manage our traffic better. This is done for everyone’s safety and convenience on the roads.
If you are new in Philadelphia or are just going to an unfamiliar part of the city – it can happen to you that your car gets towed because you did not read the signs correctly. Or it can happen for other similar reasons. Getting your car towed and impounded can ruin your day. You will have to spend a lot of time now going to the impound lot and getting your car back.
This can be stressful. That is why we have written this short guide to help you get your car back faster and easier.

What to do when your car gets towed in Philadelphia?

If you think your car has been towed, first, you need to make sure that this really is the case. There could be other reasons for your car not being where you left it. Your car having been stolen can be one reason but you don’t have to automatically assume the worst in these scenarios.
Once you have confirmed that your car has been towed and impounded, you will have to pay any and all pending traffic fines that you may have. These traffic fines will also include the one you might have just gotten for the recent towing – if such a fine is applicable. Only after that will you get your car back.

Steps to getting your car back

Step 1 :
Confirm that your car has been towed. It is possible that your car was simply relocated by the Philadelphia police with no fines or impoundment.

Step 2 :
Pay any and all outstanding tickets that you may have. This will also include the towing fees and storage charges if these are applicable.

Step 3 : 
Go to the impound lot where your car was taken with the following documents to get your car back:

1. Your driver’s license

2. Insurance papers for your car

3. Registration papers of your car

4. Receipt and authorization for the payment of the towing fees and storage charges