What’s The Difference Between Hauling And Towing?


Hauling versus towing

Hauling and towing a vehicle can seem like the same thing to some people. This can be said to be true to some extent. But, in reality, the two things are somewhat different from one another. Read along to better understand the difference between the hauling and towing so that you never get confused between the two ever again.


Hauling a vehicle usually means that someone in a truck (this person will most likely be a professional) is carrying the vehicle and transporting it from one place to another. It is, also, kind of implied that the vehicle (in this case, let’s say a car) being hauled is heavy and weighs a lot more than any other regular cargo making it difficult to move. Hauling is often done over long distances.
Hauling trucks come in a whole range of different sizes but, generally speaking, they are bigger than the average truck on the road. This is because the cargo that these trucks have to carry is mostly big things like cars and other smaller vehicles. Depending upon their size, each truck has a different carrying capacity. You may have seen a hauling truck on the road some time. They are fascinating to look at with so many cars loaded onto them. Some of these trucks have two vertical levels that add even more to their total storage capacity. A hauling truck loaded with luxury sports cars looks super cool driving by you, to be honest. Such trucks are probably taking these new cars from the factory to the dealer.

Hauling Is Not Just For Cars

Hauling trucks aren’t just for straight out of factory cars, though. They are also used to transport junk cars and other big things. People use hauling trucks when they are moving from one place to another and need to bring all their stuff from the old place with them to the new one. Hauling trucks help people move their furniture, electronics, outdoor items, and almost everything else.


Towing, on the other hand, refers to pulling the car behind a tow truck. Towing of cars and vehicles is a whole special industry of its own in today’s day and age. Towing companies use special tow trucks with flatbed trailers that have all the modern technology like hydraulics, winches, and dollies to help tow your vehicle onto the truck and then move it to wherever it needs to be moved to. And, then there are the tow trucks with hitches. This is also something common that you might have seen – tow trucks that lift one end of your car up in the air and then pull your car with them on its remaining wheels on the road.
Bigger tow trucks are also able to tow buses, trucks, tractors, and other large vehicles a well.

Reasons why your car might be getting towed

There are a variety of reasons as to why your car might be getting towed like if you yourself are getting your car towed because your car is not working anymore. Or, maybe it was in an accident recently and you need to get it fixed now or a government authority like the traffic police could be getting your car towed because of some traffic rules and regulations. It could even be something as simple as moving the car over long distances that you don’t want to drive yourself.