Roadside Assistance


Cars breaking down

Cars are a modern marvel. They represent the peak of the industrial revolution and the height of mechanical technology. Moreover, today’s cars are even more sophisticated than ever before. Still, being just machines, after all, cars break down in so many different ways. However, don’t worry, as we at Philadelphia Tow Truck, offer all these roadside assistance services and more in and around the Philadelphia area.

Flat tires – change, repair, and replacement

Cars can get their tires punctured and you cannot really drive a car with a flat tire. You will need to replace the flat tire with a new one to get back on the road.
Our roadside assistance services help you do exactly that. If you have a spare inflated tire on your car, we will assist you in changing it with the deflated tire. If not, we will fix the damaged tire and get new air for it.

Dead battery – jump-start, replacement, and installation

Your car’s battery can die and if that happens you will not be able to start your car at all because of all the electronics not being able to work.
Our roadside assistance service vehicles come equipped with battery boosters to help jump start your car’s battery. And, we even help fix your battery if there is any other thing that may be wrong with it.

Empty fuel tanks – fuel delivery

Sometimes, your car can run out of fuel. It happens more often than you would think. So, it’s okay. When that happens to you – you do not need to worry at all. Just give us a call and we will come to you with your emergency fuel supply.

Locked out of your own car – lockout services

Did you lock your car keys inside your own car? It happens to the best of us. And, again – more often than you would think. So, if this happens to you – give us a call and one of our roadside assistance professionals will come right over to you to help you out with this.

Other roadside assistance services

We also provide roadside assistance for other things like

1. Getting your car get unstuck from muddy ditches, sand, snow, ice, etc.

2. Removing all kinds of accidental damage from your car

3. Extracting your broken car key from the car door

4. Replacing your lost car keys and getting new ones made for you

5. On and off-road winching services

We provide these services not just for cars, but for motorcycles and other vehicles as well.

Professionals who you can trust

Philadelphia Tow Truck offers complete roadside assistance to you in the Philadelphia area. Our roadside assistance services are something that you can trust. We offer you a wide selection of services that you can depend on in a variety of emergencies.

Philadelphia Tow Truck has a team of professional drivers and mechanics who have industrial standard training and experience in dealing with all kinds of cars and vehicles. They know how to work with all the modern tools and equipment needed to fix your car problems. They are not just fast and efficient, but they also know how to handle the safety of your car and you.

We work hard for you and your car so that you don’t have to face inconveniences because of any car troubles that you might be experiencing.